Tool I use

Desktop environment or window managers

I primarily use Wayland.

Text editors

Music Players

I use something called "GoneMAD music player" on my phone, because it has got support for non-databased .m3u playlists and support for id3v2.4 tags with correct support for multiple 'ARTIST' fields.

I scrobble my music to last.fm, libre.fm and listenbrainz.org.

I also use Spotify for discovering music (by going to some song that I know, and then clicking 'Go to Song Radio'). I used to use Spotify Premium, with thierd party clients based on librespot, but I stopped using it, following the switch to offline music management.

I also use Amberol for random music files. Emanuel Bassi and others have done great work on it.

Archive manager


I prefer to just use markdown for notes, but I also do want the sync functionality. I use:

I sync their write directories either through Syncthing or MEGA cloud storage, and they work beautifully.

Video player

Imagine not using MPV

Screen Recording

Document Reader

Evince (generic name: Document Viewer)


I currently only use Mastodon primarily, though I also have a pixelfed accounts. The clients I use are:


I have a bug in my mind which keeps asking me to switch back and forth between Firefox and Chrome/Chromium. I am  currently using Firefox on mobile, and Chromium on laptop. Three months ago, I used to use Firefox on desktop, and  6 months, I used to use Chromium both on laptop and mobile.

Office tools

Why would a programer even need them? So I don't even keep LibreOffice. When there is an absolute need to use a Office suite, I would just use Google Docs, and I also have Abiword and Gnumeric installed.

Torrent client

I used to use QBitTorrent, and it worked great. But, now I use Deluge just because of my affection for GTK.

RSS and Atom Feeds

I use the miniflux instance at https://tildevarsh.in. The clients I use for it:

Image viewer

Backup software

I use Pika Backup to backup my stuff to two places: BorgBase and my pendrive. (Pika Backup is a frontend to Borg Backup)

Matrix Clients

Though I am looking forward to use Fractal when its development branch starts supporting spaces.

Mail client

Other miscalleneous tools