About Me

Hey, there! I'm Hemish. I am an organized mess of some random molecules existing to form something called 'life' in human form. This life was born in Haryana, India and this life is currently 17 years old (though according to science, almost all my cells have been replaced by new cells, so am I me even?).

My love for languages

I also like to learn languages, be it human or computer ones. The languages I know both to read and write are English, Hindi, Punjabi (gurmukhi), Urdu. I am learning Spanish. One of language I know little and can only speak is Saraiki (Multani dialect).

I contribute to Hindi language translations in open source projects, thus making computers and software accessible to larger masses, and I am part of Indlinux hindi team.

The poetic side

I write poems in English, Hindi and Punjabi. The poems are available at /poems

The writing side

I write about anything mentioned above in my posts.


I regularly read and contribute to Wikipedia, thus making information accessible.

I belive that knowledge and information should be accessible to people, more than it was accessible to me, because knowledge is what empowers one.

The Tech Side

The neurons in my brain are very crazy about logical stuff.
I do and turn on computers and linux. I like programming and testing out random stuff on Linux.

My system

I use Arch Linux on my system. A detailed description of applications and tools I use is available at Tools.


All my contributions to software, translations, and Wikipedia are listed at contributions.