Hamara Plymouth Theme

#linux #arch

Hamara Linux was/is a India based linux distribution. It is in pretty dormant stage now (Even the site is down for some time).

I asked Chirag Sukhala what is even the need of such a Linux distribution which gives you Indic languages preinstalled when you can just install Indic languages in pretty much any popular linux distro

Well, I would have to dig into archives to extract wallpapers from their ISO, but I found that their Plymouth theme (Plymouth is a program installed by many distros to give you a boot animation) is in Debian repositories.

Being an Arch Linux user, I created a PKGBUILD and an AUR (Arch Linux User Repository) package for it. It is called 'plymouth-theme-hamara'. So, now any Arch Linux user can enjoy that boot animation.

Take a look at the package here: plymouth-theme-hamara