Appreciation post for my sister

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Though we have an age gap of about 6 years, I still kinda think that we enjoyed a similar kind of childhood, dispered by some differences as well. Growing up with a sibling is kind of fun, and annoying at same time. You get to experience some of same things, you learn some things together, or maybe sometimes do fun stuff together (yeah referring to friendly fights, or maybe my sister randomly dressing me up as a girl!). Even dispersed by 6 years, I still want to say that I just always felt us to be the same age.

There had been times I have disappointed my sister or caused discomfort to her, knowing or unknowingly, and same applies to her, but at the end of the day, you are siblings who are bound to be kinda share things with each other even after you grow up and make your own individual lives, or in parents' words "live together the whole lives" (yes referring to the times when parents randomly ask us to sing that 'ek hazaaron mein meri/mera behna/bhai hai, saaaariiiiii umarrrrrr hummeeeee sung rehnaaa haii' on birthdays or Raksha Bandhan).

You get to know about someone more when you discuss insightful topics with them, or just have mature conversations. Maybe I was just too childish at that time for us to have mature conversations. But, as now I have grown into an adolescent, maybe I am able to talk maturely, and the age gap seems less powerful. As far as I remember, we only just shared regular sibling stuff with each other, nothing much. But in recent years, I just feel we have bonded more, we share more stuff with each other (some of which is not to be told to parents), we text each other randomly, and blah blah lots of stuff. This kind of connection is recent, maybe it has some potential reasons behind it. One major potential reason could be that I just am now more mature (as in age) that she shares stuff with me and confides in me. Second potential reason could be that we spend kinda the entire COVID lockdown in same room, and that contributed to the bonding. Whatever the reason be, I am just content and happy that we share a healthy bond.

Growing up, we kind of had fun with each other, but didnt talk about educational or other stuff much, she just use to help me with projects (yeah the elder siblings have to do that). We always hear on TV or on Internet, that when asked to people in their interviews "Who is your idol?", it is a common pattern for people to tell their idol to be their elder sibling. But, in childhood, that was not the case with me, I always thought I achieve more good ranks or marks in classes, then she did when she was in same class, or even other things. So I always kind of felt her to be below me, but I was WRONG. You get to realise stuff when you grow mature. From listening to her advances on Twitter, LinkedIn, freelances and then finally at Tal64 (literally she told me bits of funny stuff about freelances, their clients at Tal64, or maybe even about Vyom Bhatia) , I was always happy for her in my mind "She is doing good, she is making great progress". Though, I would not use the word 'idol' (because that word is highly idolised), I can say that I certainly do take inspiration from her and her progress and I can say 'Slayyyyy Bitch!' to her.

Also, she brought me to Twitter and LinkedIn (ugh I want a word between 'forced' and 'brought me to').

Atlast, Happy Birthday Chelsi! (and yas I now tend to omit 'Didi' word which our parents and family have made us to use)