The Blank Face


One day I had a dream, so I wrote about it:

I like you, though I don't know you.
You are someone in my head, the imagination I have always fed.
You are perfect, on me you have a doppler effect,
how my frequency of vibes diverge, when you are at my heart's verge.
I like your intellect, on me it has a very special effect.
I also like your physique, with beauty at its peak.

I saw you in my dreams, I saw a blank face it seems.
How this blank face would be decoded? which is with happiness overloaded!
How would you be recognised? How would you be specified?
How would I reach you: let's see, but please don't flee!

I don't know you for the sake, that you would become someone that my imagination would make.
You would be perfect, just the way you would be.
Your image in my mind that is kept, would deflect as need be.
You would be charming just the way you are,
I won't mind if your face has a scar.
Don't change yourself for me, be the authentic one you should always be.

One day this blank face would be happily filled, but I feel bad that the imagination would be killed.


In my dream, I was with a slow dancing with a person, without music, and to my surprise, the face did not have any eyes, mouth or nose, it was simply blank (because my mind did not want to generalise anything?) Then, I have described what qualities would ideally be in such a person, but they need not be strictly correct as I said "your image in my mind, would deflect as need be".