Site Guide (for technical people only)

Pleaese read /guide to know how to use this website efficiently and subscribe to feeds, and subscribe to specific tags. (Note: Read only if you are techy enough, otherwise just keep using this site the way you are using it now, as the guide is highly technical.)

Browsers support

  • Obviously this site supports browsers like Chromium, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • This site is friendly to lightweight browsers such as Lynx, Links, Netsurf

Feeds and grouped feeds

  • Atom (RSSv1) feeds are available for both posts and poems.
  • Posts are grouped under various tags covering multitude of topics
  • Poems are grouped under different languages
  • If you are keen to follow only particular tag for posts, or particular language for poems, you may find individual feeds for each tag and language at /tags and /languages respectively.
  • You may use a feed reader program or website to subscribe to these feeds.
  • Alternatively, you can use feeds.sh to subscribe to these feeds to get an email when there is an update.