Hemish's Contributions

Software Translations: Hindi

I maintain a Mastodon account to give updates about Hindi translations which I do. The account is at https://floss.social/@hindifoss

New translations from scratch

GUI and Apps

Libraries and backends

Corrected old translations and/or adding new and maintaining translations

GUI and Apps

Libraries and backends

The translation work I did at GNOME got mentioned at 'This week in GNOME' blog post https://thisweek.gnome.org/posts/2023/03/twig-85/

Accepted pull requests at GitHub

Pull requests are a way to add modifications to a an open-source project. Here is a list of pull requests I created a GitHub (a code sharing platform) which got merged into project by the original developer(s):

Personal projects

Here is a list of personal programming projects which I made:


I make edits here and there, but here is the article that I wrote from scratch, and got accepted into Wikipedia:

Packages maintained at AUR

AUR stands for Arch Linux User Repository. Here, users can add build scripts for various third-party projects and personal projects, so that it can be used by users to easily install the projects/software in Arch Linux. Here is a list of AUR packages I made and maintain: